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Upwords Ranking delivers quality SEO copywriting and content marketing including press releases, articles, social media content and PPC advertising for small businesses.

The Word governs the Internet. We use words to find the information, services and products we need. Search-engines’ mission is to show us the selection that best corresponds to our queries. Out of the billions of searches made online everyday thousands may be related to your business, and our mission is to steer as many of those as possible in your direction.

This is done by optimizing your website content, developing your social media presence, pay-per-click advertising and link-building. It all starts, and ends, though, with the word, and search-engine optimized (SEO) content.  Words are fundamental building blocks of your online business. At Upwords Ranking we create content that is optimized to both search-engine criteria and user experience – the words that bring your site up in ranking!

SEO Services and Solutions

We specialize in SEO Content and Social Media profiles and presences and PPC advertising, but will also analyze what is under the hood to deliver a SEO friendly CMS solution for your website as well as offering SEO training in Barcelona.  


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Small Business SEO

Upwords Ranking helps you build or adjust your online communication profile. This profile has to be developed and maintained both on and off-site. When Google introduced universal search to include more sources like You Tube videos, images and real-time results (like tweets) in search results it highlighted the need for companies to have an online omnipresence. This entails being part of the blogosphere and to know how to use social media marketing and viral marketing to your advantage. Fact of the matter is, crucial as good content is, it does not pull you to the top of the rankings without significant off-site strategies. Being a small business ourselves we specialize in SEO content for this segment. We offer:

  • SEO Copywriting
  • Web-editors for hire
  • SEO Content Analysis
  • Press releases
  • Pay-per-click Advertising
  • Link-building and social media content for your online business.
  • SEO Training

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