The Ten Twitter Archetypes

Jun 24

The 10 Twitter Archetypes


We present the 10 archetypes of Twitter:

The Parrot
Incapable of original thought the parrot will only retweet or repeat more eloquent opinions than their own.

The Town Crier
Is unfamiliar with the concept of dialogue. Uses Twitter as his own personal soapbox; “hear ye, hear ye!” The town crier tends to fall into two subcategories; “the promoter” and “the politician”. The first represents a brand, and will only extol the brilliance of said brand. The second, someone in political office, high or low, and will only extol the brilliance of his own political thoughts.

The Comedian
An actual comedian, or someone convinced they are one.

The Philosopher
overdosed on Paolo Coelho. Eager to share her wisdom with the world. Also fond of posting pictures of sunrises and “inspirational thoughts”.

The Tagger
hashtags every other word for maximum visibility to the point where the actual tweets become completely illegible.

The Chronicler
Feels the need to inform you about every minute detail of their life; what they are having for breakfast, what the kids said during breakfast, what they are having for breakfast tomorrow, what their dog is doing during breakfast….and so on.

The Watchdog
Akin to the old neighborhood lady with her goggles behind curtains constantly watching what goes on outside. Never utters a virtual peep.

The Black Adder
Will just randomly add profiles to follow in hope of recruiting followers for their own spammy messages (or “racy” photo posts).

The Rookie
“New to this thing, don’t know what I’m doing here, if I will keep doing what I‘m doing here. Don’t know if there is a point. What’s a tweet?”

Young girls with hormones out of whack.

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