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We deliver SEO friendly CSS web design and content management system (CMS) to improve the look, handling and ranking of your web site!

Control your Web site content easily!

Do you have to contact a web designer to make the smallest change at your site? Do you feel you don’t have the technical skills to properly manage your content and design? We can convert your web site to a content management system (CMS) that will allow you to:

– take your site from static to dynamic. Search-engines love dynamic web sites, and being able to frequently update your content can drastically improve your rankings!

– take your web site content and design to the next level. We’ll help you with additional web site components, menus, contact forms etc. Quick changes at low costs!

– take charge of your own online business. With a simple yet versatile WYSIWYG CMS you have the development of the site in your own hands!

What we offer:

1. Space on our server for your web site

2. SEO friendly CMS with private log-in/s

3. SEO Tools

4. Customized design at very competitive rates

5. Professional support

6. SEO Consultancy

How to work with our search-engine friendly CMS:

  1. Create good content for your website (text, images, multi-media etc.) via the Control Panel of your CMS at
  2. Update your content whenever and as often as you need.
  3. Easily manage the search engine optimization of your website, using the SEO tools we offer you in our CMS.

How to start?

  1. Update your nameservers in the Control Panel
  2. Get online support
  3. Your web site is ready!

SEO Consultancy Services

More on our SEO consultancy services:

  • SEO Copywrite – Quality content and SEO friendly content structure for your web site.
  • Social Media – Link-building, social-media marketing, off site content; press-releases, blogs articles etc.
  • Viral Marketing – We identify and help you create media/content with the potential to “go viral”!


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