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Why invest in SEO Content for your web site ?


The question could just as well be put; why be visible in search-engine result pages? How about;

  • more traffic
  • improved user-experience
  • higher conversion rates
  • higher return on investment

The writing for a website has to function seamlessly with the overall design and contribute to increased usability. The web site content has to be both contextually and visually appealing and effective (eyeball optimized). Our writers are experienced specialists focused on creating content that will not only generate more traffic, but also help you target your audience. We know how to connect targeted keywords to targeted traffic.

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Our task is to find the words that are at the crossroads of high-volume searches and the most descriptive of your services/products. The method used is keyword analysis. This analysis will provide you with insight into what it takes to achieve the highest possible visibility in search and what your competitors did to get there. So, why invest in researching keywords, making targeted content if so much activity is going on out there on Facebook, in blogs etc.? Two simple facts:

1. Besides e-mailing, searching is the number one online activity. 2. Searchers are searching for a specific service/product, and the search-engine results represent a specific response. If you are on top it means you are the answer they were looking for. That is our business, bringing your business to the top of the search-engines result pages!

Translation Services for Web Sites

Launching a new language version of your web site? Creating a new site in a different language? If you want to communicate with your customers in their language, scraping content from other sites or using Google/Bing translator won’t do! Leaving the process in the hands of native speakers who know how to communicate online is the way to be successful. In fact, search-engines will devalue content that is a direct translation from an original. We specialize in creating content that will be perceived as new and original by the search-engines!


  • Spanish
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Swedish

We have Google Adwords Professionals to handle your Pay per click advertising

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