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We offer cost efficient pay-per-click advertising; Google Adwords and Facebook. Let professionals handle your search-engine and social media marketing!

 Adwords advertising


Adwords has become, for many industries, a costly advertising tool. So why bother with pay-per-click campaigns in Google at all? With our experience we can quite name a few compelling ones:

  • Unique access to millions of potential buyers when they are searching for what you offer.
  • Low entrance level. Budgets can be set as low as 5€.
  • Customizable – choose what search words and phrases to structure campaigns around, create text, mobile or image based ads, choose where to show ads (search, type of web sites, specific sites and geographical area) and set bids for clicks.
  • Extremely demographic specific. Ads can be set up to show only for 16 old boys in NYC interested in comics, or you can market your products globally.
  • Full cost control. You decide what to pay for every visit, the limits of your daily budget and total campaign.
  • Extremely measurable profits. Return of investment on campaigns can be tracked basically in real time.
  • In depth reporting on all aspects of the campaigns.
  • Adwords give you information of what search queries trigger visits to your site, and which queries result in conversions (purchases etc.) This is vital knowledge to use when developing the site’s content as well as testing usability and conversion friendliness of pages.

Facebook Advertising


Facebook introduced pay per click ads based on the Adwords concept . On the other hand Google has obviously picked up the demographic targeted marketing opportunities in Facebook and expanded on this possibility in Adwords. A main difference is that people are less disposed to think about buying when in Facebook, thus conversion rates will be lower and these ads should be linked to an over all branding strategy. Besides this fact Facebook offers many of the same advantages as Adwords, but some aspects merit special attention:

  • Increase your Facebook fan base by recruiting new fans via advertising.
  • Affordable. Cost per click or cost per impression (you pay when an ad is shown, not clicked upon) tend to be lower than in Adwords.
  • High retention rate. People engage more in Facebook than with most other sites, social media or others, and connecting with people in this setting has the potential to produce a high loyalty level.
  • Exposure. How many do you know who doesn’t have a Facebook account? More than 250 million use it on a monthly basis.

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