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We offer in-house SEO training in Barcelona. Get personalized on-site training and hands-on SEO workshop in your office!

Search-engine optimization (SEO) is a quite complicated term for set of basic principles for web development and content writing in compliance with search-engine criteria. Fortunately these principles are not difficult to learn, and we offer a course that is suitable for those who have no knowledge or some basic knowledge of SEO. This is a personalized workshop done on location in Barcelona.

SEO Workshop in Barcelona

This is an introductory course to give you the knowledge and the tools to efficiently improve your web site’s ranking. The workshop cover all major aspects of SEO within the three pillars of SEO: Code, Content and Community. To create and promote a site that has top ranking for important search queries you need well written content and you need to get response from the community (blogs, other web sites, social media etc.) and there are certain technical aspects (code) that are crucial.

Barcelona SEO Training

Who is the workshop for?

Web owners, online marketers and web content editors in Barcelona. Everyone working with developing, writing for and marketing  a web site should know the basics of search-engine optimization. The fundamentals of SEO is the fundament of your online business!

On site optimization Link building Digital Visibility Site analysis
Content hierarchy Social Media presence Best Practices Optimization Ideas
Media Content Social Media use and Statistics “Tech traps” Competition level
Tools Ranking Impact Tools SEO Plan
Time: 3 hours presentation and 2 hours SEO Workshop
Price: 399,- €.
SEO training - Money Back Gurantee


Should you, for what ever reason, feel that our SEO training failed to live up to your expectations you will get a full refund. Simple as that!

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