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Jun 09

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Ten Twitter Archetypes

Twitter archetypes

We have compiled a list of Twitter archetypes. Check out the ten archetypes of Twitter!





July 23: Michael Owen opens the Pandora’s Box

Twitter backlash

Football player (just let go from Manchester United) Michael Owen invited his followers to a Q&A on  Twitter. The majority of the questions were along the lines of: “Is it true you’ve pulled more hamstrings than women?” and “I’m building a bench for my backyard, any tips?” illustrating how most questions focused on his injury record and prolonged status as a substitute the last few seasons. Interaction on Twitter is great, but the Pandora’s Box nature of this should not be underestimated as surely Mr. Owen can testify to today!


June 9th: Celebrity on-air/ in the air tweet fest

the Stetten/Presley controversy on twitter

A model named Melissa Stetten found herself next to actor Brian Presley, a married actor (soaps), on a flight from New York to Los Angeles. She tweeted, in real time, about the alleged advances from Presley and caused quite a stir in the regular media world as well as the social medias. The two protagonists disagreed about the details of their dialogue as well as the necessity of publicizing it and Presley has denied (via Facebook) Stetten’s interpretation of the event. Entertaining as Stetten’s tweets may have been, the interesting side of the story is the questions raised regarding social media and privacy.


June 5th 2012: Starbucks with sour ‘Irish Coffee’

twitter logoStarbucks provoke Irish customers by Tweeting a show us that you are proud to be British campaign meant for their British followers. Starbucks say: We’re sorry. (source:

A lot of the time big brands make these types of mistakes out of (cultural) ignorance, but this is a perfect illustration of the consequences of trigger-happiness with corporate social media accounts!



18 May 2012: Facebook goes public

Facebook logoFacebook finally goes public. The stocks soar (to over 40$ a piece), only to plummet a few days later. The company is now anyway valued at more then 140$ billion.

We’ll leave it to the “experts” to decide whether or not Facebook is a sound investment.




16 March 2012: ‘Gaga’ over Twitter earnings

twitter logoAccording to the Wall Street Journal provocative song-bird Lady Gaga pockets 30$ million a year from her Twitter account. She is approaching 20 (!) millions users and engaging in the way she does with her followers boost her earnings by an estimate 30 mill.(source:

I am not entirely sure how they did the math, but the lesson to take away from this is, in any case, a simple one: engaging with your followers pays off!


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